When it comes to pedicures, a few colours come to mind as universally flattering picks; red, pink or french tips are a classic look for toes. If you’re looking to switch it up, we’ve got the perfect colour to brighten up your look!

This winter we’re all about warming things up. Take your feet to a tropical state with a bright orange manicure! If you’re a bit unsure about orange, dip your toes in with a pretty pastel shade! A muted orange is a great option for ladies with lighter skin tones to avoid overpowering their complexion. For fearless ladies lucky enough to have tanned skin, make neon orange your selection! A neon orange is the ultimate skin brightener and flatters those with naturally warm olive complexions. If your skin tone is in the medium range, get your tropical vibes with a coral orange! Coral warms up your complexion and get your toes ready for fun in the sun!

Whether you’re going on vacation or daydreaming throughout the winter, opt for orange nails at your next pedicure!