• Why you Should Pick PolyGel for your Next Manicure!

    Why you Should Pick PolyGel for your Next Manicure!

    Odds are, if you’ve sifted through our salon menu before you’ve noticed an option for a nail system named PolyGel. A revolutionary hybrid system, we’d like to let you know why PolyGel should be your next manicure choice!

    Gelish’s PolyGel was inspired by a desire to combine the benefits of both acrylic and hard gel. This lovely product is available in six colours: bright white, natural clear, soft white, soft pink, dark pink and cover pink. Once you’ve picked your colour, your nail tech will start the magic! PolyGel starts off with a gum like texture that easily brushes onto nails with ultra flexibility! The product hardens only once cured under UV/LED lights. Once hardened, your new nails will be amazingly durable while staying lightweight and comfortable! You can rock your natural feeling nails for up to 21 days!

    Last but not least, PolyGel gives you ultimate flexibility

  • A French Twist: Take the Plunge with Acrylic Dip!

    A French Twist: Take the Plunge with Acrylic Dip!

    A classic look that never goes out of style - a french manicure can flatter any nail length or shape! Take this classic up a notch with acrylic dip! A dipped french is a classy way to add strength with a gorgeous lightweight feel!

    We’ve got a long list of reasons why we love acrylic dip. It’s got the strength and durability of traditional acrylic while staying light and easy like gel polish! We stock a variety of dipping brands including SNS, Gelish and O.P.I Powder Perfection. Between these professional brands, we stock a huge selection of shades for you to take the plunge! If you’re looking to take it up a notch, ask your nail tech for a dipped french!

    Our talented nail techs have the technique down to deliver gorgeous smile lines with dipping powder! This nail system is one of the best ways to get crisp, clean smile lines over a gorgeous strong enhancement. Take the pl

  • The Prettiest Pedicure Colours of the Season

    The Prettiest Pedicure Colours of the Season

    When it comes to pedicures, a few colours come to mind as universally flattering picks; red, pink or french tips are a classic look for toes. If you’re looking to switch it up, we’ve got the perfect colour to brighten up your look!

    This winter we’re all about warming things up. Take your feet to a tropical state with a bright orange manicure! If you’re a bit unsure about orange, dip your toes in with a pretty pastel shade! A muted orange is a great option for ladies with lighter skin tones to avoid overpowering their complexion. For fearless ladies lucky enough to have tanned skin, make neon orange your selection! A neon orange is the ultimate skin brightener and flatters those with naturally warm olive complexions. If your skin tone is in the medium range, get your tropical vibes with a coral orange! Coral warms up your complexion and get your toes ready for fun in the sun!

    Whether you’re going on vacation or daydreaming th