What Causes Ingrown Nails?



Ingrown nail is a common condition wherein the sides are curved, making it grow within the skin. Mild curvature may not really cause some pain, however, during severe cases, the skin around the nails may get inflamed, and I bet you will agree how aggravating the condition is. It must be attended right away not just to ease the pain but also to prevent any serious infection.

Ingrown nails do not happen out of nowhere. There are a lot of contributing factors that you must understand in order for it to not recur.

Yes, your genes may be a possible culprit. If you have parents and siblings who experience ingrown nails, you have a higher chance of acquiring it, too, as you grow old.

Accidents may occur no matter how careful you are. You must have probably experienced dropping something on your toe nail or maybe you have pinched your fingers on the door. These incidents may lead to ingrown nails.

Improper trimming. If you have cut your nails inappropriately, it may lead to ingrown nails. If you are really unsure how to cut your nails (usually happens on the big toe), it is advisable to visit a nail spa and let them do the work so as to not worsen your nail’s condition.

Fungal Infection. Nail fungus, typically onychomycosis, can cause ingrown nails because it hinders the proper growth due to the damages it inflicts.

Wrong size of shoes. If your feet do not have ample space to move and it continuously get stuck, then your fingers will curve and will grow within the sides of the skin.

Now that you know the reasons that cause ingrown nails, be very careful next time. In case you are currently going through the condition, visit Diamond Nails Salons so that we can help you fix the problem and help you prevent serious infection.



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