Waxing VS Shaving: Know What’s Best for You



Keeping your body hairless on areas is not an easy thing to do. Some women are confused whether they should shave or wax. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, a woman should not immediately conclude that one is better than the other. On top of everything else, the skin’s condition must be on the top priority in order to efficiently assess what will work best.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shaving

Shaving is a non-violent beautification method of hair removal that requires a manual or electronic razor, an epilator, or a spatula, depending on your chosen cream. For razor, a cream must be applied on the area where you want to shave to ensure that the razor will slide smoothly. For the spatula, it will require a special cream that brittles the hair for about few minutes, and cleaned with a spatula after.

Shaving will not cause any pain and discomfort, especially if you have followed the appropriate methods. It may be done on your own; you need to visit a beauty salon for the procedure. It is also ideal for people who have very sensitive skin, like those who are more susceptible to folliculitis and rashes. Unfortunately, it needs to be done on a regular basis as the hair grows quicker compared to waxing. If you will sum all your expenses, shaving is quite more expensive than waxing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waxing

Waxing may impose pain to a person, but it still depends on one’s tolerance. After some time, once the person has gotten through several waxing procedure, the skin may easily adapt, thus, pain may no longer be felt. Waxing also lasts longer, about 2-6 weeks, depending on the skin and hair’s thickness. The hair also grows smoother – no spikey stubble feeling – because the old hair was removed from the root. Unfortunately, waxing requires additional aftercare procedures. You are not allowed to touch or get it wet as it is still sensitive.

Waxing should also be done by a professional esthetician to ensure that adverse results will be decreased or eliminated. You can visit Diamond Nails Salon. Our hair waxing procedures are offered from $10 to $125 depending on the location and severity of the condition.



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