Top Hollywood Manicurist Dishes on Celebrity Nail Secrets

Tom Bachik looks like a skater dude, so it will come as a surprise for some people who doesn’t know him when he shows up and does red-carpet manicures for actresses Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, Victoria Beckham, J.Lo and other Hollywood women. He was Chanel’s first celebrity nail artist, L’Oreal’s Global spokesperson and is a regular on editorial shoots for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. He calls himself the Man-icurist.

When Tom was in Toronto for L’Oreal’s launch of latest polishes, he spilled some details on the nail trends, shapes and his favourite shades.

On Nail Shape: When asked for his opinion on the best nail shape, Tom says nails can be deliberately short, well-manicured and in natural shape or nails can have a little bit of length but a more rounded shape. For him, the longer a nail gets the more round shape it should have. He added that, as nails get longer, one must create balance so you want to create the look of slenderness and elegance. On the other hand, if nails are short, you can copy the shape of the cuticle, so if you have a square cuticle, you should create a soft square.

On Nail Art: Tom thinks there is no age limit for nail art. He considers nail art as the ultimate fashion accessory and be considered as jewellery that adds that feeling to your overall look for as long as they are age-appropriate. He says art on nails is about design, dimension, creating depth of personality in the nails rather than just loading them up with things.

On French Manicure: Personally, he thinks French manicure is already dated. He says neutral metallic and full-coverage nudes are the trend nowadays. If you prefer French manicure, he suggests doing it two-toned with a light and dark colour combination.

On His Favourite Nail Polish Shade: Tom likes metallic because it has an olive-based tone to it so this type of polish literally change a little when you have dark or light skin tone. He also says metallics are the perfect shade for toes.




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