Nice Christmas Tokens for Customers


The purpose of giving Christmas tokens or gifts is to help your customers remember you all the time. It should always be a priority that your company is on top of their minds, especially if you want to keep up them as loyal customers the following year. One of the best strategies to help them remember your brand almost every day is to give them something they will use daily. So, here are simple Christmas tokens that you might want to invest for your loyal customers:

1) Beauty Cases – there are inexpensive beauty cases that you can give to your customers; this will contain most of their beauty products, which are used almost daily or more than once a day; seeing your beauty case with your company’s brand or logo on before they use their beauty products will suffice.

2) Comb and hair brushes – these items are often times used at least twice a day, so these will make great Christmas tokens too. Make sure that your Brand or Logo is big enough to be seen.

3) Lips Stick and Nails Kit – if you want something your customer’s friends can ask about what beauty brands they are wearing, then lips stick and nail polishes will do the trick. Apart reminding your customers about your brand, it will also indirectly do free marketing through word-of-mouth.

4) Mirrors – almost all people use mirrors before they go outside the house or go to sleep. You can embed your brand name or log somewhere in the corner of the mirror; it will remind them about your brand before they go outside to meet friends, or the last thing they will see at the end of the day.

Indeed, there are other nice tokens that you can give to your customers in the month of December. What is important is that it will help your customer put your brand always on top of their minds; it will need some marketing budget, but it will help boost your business the following years to come.



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