Identifying the Orginal from the Fake Nail Polishes



There are many fake nail polishes around the market. That’s why it is best to buy a nail polish at the accredited retailer. Buying fake nail polishes should be avoided because you are not quite sure about the chemical content of it, if it’s safe for human use or not. Also, there are many instances where the user got allergies because of using counterfeit nail polishes; worse would be getting an infection and losing a finger because of using a cheap fake nail polish. But, this can be avoided if you know how to identify an original from the fake one. Nowadays, it’s hard to identify a fake from the original because both almost look exactly the same at simple glance. You really need to observe deeper.

If you haven’t memorised the features of the original nail polish, then it’s best to bring the original with you and compare it with suspected fake one side-by-side.

First, examine the fonts. Usually the original manufacturer uses customs fonts, which they are the only one who can use these. Check the size, style and weight of the characters. Look at the details like the tip of the letters. Is it straight, curve or pointed? There will be minuscule differences if the fake one uses similarly looking font.

Second, look at the pigment and texture of the polish. The fake one will either be darker or lighter, and denser or less dense compared to the original. Also, don’t forget to compare the scent; it too pronounced or gentle?

Lastly, see the bottle, cap and shaft. Feel the surface if it’s rougher or smoother compared to the original.

Doing this will save you a lot of health risks and headache in the future.



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