Identifying the Orginal from the Fake Nail Polishes



There are many fake nail polishes around the market. That’s why it is best to buy a nail polish at the accredited retailer. Buying fake nail polishes should be avoided because you are not quite sure about the chemical content of it, if it’s safe for human use or not. Also, there are many instances where the user got allergies because of using counterfeit nail polishes; worse would be getting an infection and losing a finger because of using a cheap fake nail polish. But, this can be avoided if you know how to identify an original from the fake one. Nowadays, it’s hard to identify a fake from the original because both almost look exactly the same at simple glance. You really need to observe deeper. Continue reading

When to Use Silver or Gold Nail Polishes



If you bought a nail polish set, then there’s a huge chance that it has gold and silver nail polishes; if not then you can always buy them separately; these are metallic nail polishes, which goes with their perfect complementary colours. Gold and silver are elegant colours and they are perfect for luxuriously looking fashions, but it will also work with regular clothing too. You will usually see a lot of celebrities wearing gold or silver nail polishes, because it connotes luxury and sophistication. Also, who wouldn’t want to experience these feelings? So, why not do same things these celebrities did and wear your gold or silver nail polish with your favourite dress. Continue reading

Healthy Diet to Keep Beautiful Nails, Skin and Hair




The secret to having beautiful nails, skin and hair is more than skin deep. Though, topical applications like skin care, beauty and cosmetics helps to a certain degree, but the overall provider of natural beauty comes from a healthy diet. I’m sure you could still remember your grow, glow and go foods and eating a balanced diet. Well, they are true and very beneficiary to the outlook of your nails, skin and hair. Continue reading

Colour Contrast and Harmony for Nail Emphasis



Wouldn’t it be great if your nails stand out among the rest? This is possible if you know some basic colour theory ideas. Nail emphasis is just a matter of blending, complimenting and harmonizing different colour combinations based on the dominant colour of the dress you usually wear. Let’s take for example, if you are wearing a red dress, then one way to emphasise your nails is to colour it with green; this is a complimentary combination that gives fuller contrast, which is the most preferable technique used in emphasising nail colours. Blue goes well with orange, and yellows look nice with violet. Continue reading

Most Expensive Celebrity Nail Art


When you are a celebrity, you get access to the most talented and exclusive nail technician and you get to enjoy first look at the most luxurious nail art designs and nail lacquers ever created for man’s indulgence. Clearly, sporting well tended nails to fashion has become quite a fetish to anyone who demand nothing but the very best. Speaking of best, celebrities are also at the frontline when it comes to the most expensive and therefore elusive nail art. Check out what the year 2014 has in store for their nail art cravings. Continue reading

2014 Beauty Trends


From hairstyles to makeups, 2014 has lots of exciting beauty trends that you can easily do yourself. From faux and real bob, red lips, to barely there makeup, we will guide you on how to update your look this year.

Statement Red Lips

You can say that the trend of statement red lips is not dying anytime soon. We see our celebrities hitting both the streets and the red carpet with their luscious red lips. One thing good about red coloured lipsticks is that it can go with almost any outfit. It is never too bold or too casual to be worn on casual to formal events. So when you wake up one morning and have no clue about how to do your makeup, red lips will sure save the day. Continue reading

Kick Off Your Year by Flaunting Your Nail Art Like a Celebrity


It’s 2014 and there’s no slowing down to the popularity of nail art. While some treat it like a girly indulgence, some simply lives with it. Since the advent of nail art, women were given more exciting choices on how to wear their nails. Putting and wearing their own designs in their nails gave their daily look a whole new edge. Now, you can always turn to celebrities when it comes to nail art design inspirations. To kick off a fabulous new year, allow these celebrities to school you on how to flaunt a fabulous nail art for every occasion. Continue reading