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Top Hollywood Manicurist Dishes on Celebrity Nail Secrets

Tom Bachik looks like a skater dude, so it will come as a surprise for some people who doesn’t know him when he shows up and does red-carpet manicures for actresses Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, Victoria Beckham, J.Lo and other … Continue reading

7 Nail Art Inspirations from Celebrities

Celebrities do not just focus on their outfits during special events such as award nights or concerts. They also make sure that their nails are presentable enough by usually matching it to their outfit. Most of them also love nail … Continue reading

Waxing VS Shaving: Know What’s Best for You

  Keeping your body hairless on areas is not an easy thing to do. Some women are confused whether they should shave or wax. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, a woman should not immediately conclude that one … Continue reading

What Causes Ingrown Nails?

  Ingrown nail is a common condition wherein the sides are curved, making it grow within the skin. Mild curvature may not really cause some pain, however, during severe cases, the skin around the nails may get inflamed, and I … Continue reading

What can a Doctor Do when you have Ingrown Nails on your Toe?

In some instances, ingrown nails may require professional help from a reputable podiatrist, especially if the nail pierces the skin regularly, causing it to bleed and produce pus afterwards. Remember, if left unattended and treated, it can lead to serious … Continue reading

Thank You Australia – Celebrating 40 Years of Vietnamese Immigrants living in Australia (1975-2015)

Diamond Nails has recently combined with other successful Vietnamese owned businesses to launch a project called “Thank You Australia” at Crown Resorts in Melbourne, on January 12th 2015. The event was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of peaceful settlement of Vietnamese Immigrants … Continue reading

Get These 5 Updates to your Old Nail Art Designs

There are new ways to update your old nail art designs. If you are already tired of vibrant oranges, hot pinks, and rainbow themed nail art, you should be pleased to know that the mani-obsessed crowd that there’s a good … Continue reading

8 Beauty Mistakes That You Should Stop Doing Right Now

We are all obsessed about learning about everything when it comes to beauty. The quest for the best powder, eyeshadow, bronzer, and nail polish for our look is something that most of us are proud of. We even share our … Continue reading

Nice Christmas Tokens for Customers

The purpose of giving Christmas tokens or gifts is to help your customers remember you all the time. It should always be a priority that your company is on top of their minds, especially if you want to keep up … Continue reading

3 Tips in Buying False Lashes

  The best false lashes are the ones that will truly fit naturally to your own looks. So here are simple tips on how to buy the most compatible faux lashes for your everyday use. 1) Make it look natural … Continue reading