8 Beauty Mistakes That You Should Stop Doing Right Now


We are all obsessed about learning about everything when it comes to beauty. The quest for the best powder, eyeshadow, bronzer, and nail polish for our look is something that most of us are proud of. We even share our tips to our girl friends, often in exchange for their better suggestions and get their own set of tips too. Even so, there’s a good chance that there are certain things that you might be doing wrong when it comes to your beauty routine. So just before the new year comes in and before you get started on your new year’s resolution list, you may need to look back and check if there are some beauty mistakes that you are doing.

1. Makeup brushes

makeup brushes

When was the last time that you cleaned your makeup brushes? Most of you might not even remember doing it. Still, we’ve been guilty of this from time to time. Just so you know, like all the things we use every day, makeup brushes get dirty too. Not cleaning your brushes could make you break out or even affect your makeup application. Dirty brushes make precise makeup techniques all the more challenging to do as they tend to muddle up the makeup colours together. And when a makeup brush is not cleaned, brushing it against your skin would bring impurities that might clog, infect, and ruin your pores.

2. Bronzers


We all want that sun-kissed glow, but you can only achieve that by being careful with your bronzer application. You should never put it on your whole face—No. If you want an even tanning effect to your pale face, use a self-tanner instead. Bronzers only mimic real tan. To achieve that, apply a light shimmer bronzer to your forehead, bridge of your nose, cheekbones, chin, and jawline.


3. Picking the right foundation


We may all by guilty of this: testing foundation to the back of our hand. We need to remind ourselves that our hands may not have the skin tone as our face, and we are wearing that foundation on our faces. Our face don’t receive the same amount of sun exposure—that’s why. Instead, to pick the best foundation for you, test the product on your jawline.

4. Waterproof Mascara


Waterproof mascara is not for daily use—not even if you are a synchronised swimmer or just a sweaty individual. Waterproof mascara has a very drying effect on your lashes. Also, they are harder to remove so when you keep rubbing it off for cleansing (with daily use), you end up losing some of  your eyelashes.

5. Applying Mascara


When you are in a habit of double dipping or pumping the brush in an almost empty mascara tube in effort of scooping up the last trace of mascara, you’re actually pumping air into the tube, which only dry up the mascara. This results to clumpy and spidery mascara. Perhaps it’s better to buy a new one.

6. Base Coat

Base Coat

Do you even wonder why at-home manicures get easily chipped or ruined after a day or two? That is because you skip the base coat. If you want glossy and lasting manicures, then use a base coat as it allows the nail polish to grip better to your nails.

7. Thinning Out Nail Polishes

Nail Polishes

If you have stocks of old nail polishes yet you don’t have the heart to throw them out when they are used only a few times, then use a nail polish thinner—not a nail polish remover. Understand that nail polish removers are designed to break down nail polish, so it’s not a good thinning solution for thickening stock nail polishes. Mixing nail polish remover liquid to your old nail polishes will only render them unusable.

8. Lighting


Proper lighting when applying makeup is not just for models and makeup artists. It’s for you to. To achieve the perfect makeup for your look, you need to invest on some good lighting too. Or, believe it or not, doing your makeup sitting down on your porch is the next best thing. So if you keep applying your makeup in your dark bathroom and you go to a sunny office, there’s a good chance that people will see through your blending errors.

As you can see, these mistakes doesn’t only happen to beauty newbies—it could happen to you too. Even the beauty pros can get a piece of advice from this list too. Once you see what mistakes you’ve been doing, swear you’re never going to do these beauty no-nos ever again. Deal?



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