3 Tips in Buying False Lashes


False Lashes

The best false lashes are the ones that will truly fit naturally to your own looks. So here are simple tips on how to buy the most compatible faux lashes for your everyday use.

1) Make it look natural – one way to this is to see your own eyelashes. Is it short or long, sparse or dense, straight or curvy and what is the colour? The purpose of false lashes is to enhance your own natural eyelashes. So if you have shorter lashes, then avoid the temptation to use ultra-long lashes to compensate the problem. Therefore, buy something that will improve what is natural, which will mimic the colour, denseness and length of your eyelashes.

2) The edge should not be even – if you look closely at your eyelashes, you will notice that their lengths are not even; some are shorter or longer. So buy false lashes that don’t have an even length. Eyelashes with even length might be good for occasional fashion styles, but for everyday natural look the uneven length is highly preferred.

3) Get the clear band – false lashes comes with black bands or clear bands, but you acquire the ones with clear bands. The problem with false lashes with a black band is that it doesn’t look natural; it will have a thin black line on the base, if misaligned, then the errors are very visible and it will not look natural.

With the right glue and fishtail tweezers you can easily attach your faux eyelashes in place; if you are planning to buy false lashes then you can get it here. In the catalogue, you will find the unique false eyelashes that could be suitable for you, as well as glues and applicator.



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